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May 5, 2014

We know the path is decadence and the goal is death, it lasts about 5 hundred years and begins several years after the second great war, let’s say in our case in the 60′s. From the second Persian war till Alexander have passed 150 years, since the second Punic war and Caesar 150 years. Each time after a great war democracy rises and republic dies (Athens was a republic until the parliament took all power from the Areopagus). The reason why democracy prevails in republics is that the masses take part in huge wars and see themselves as winners, not those who have guided them… they want now power and money, because they claim honor and glory in war – we see how Themistocles demonstrates how he is not the member of nobility(already Plato mocks him by saying he doesn’t want a state ruled by the rowers), but he was the member of the noble upbringing of all Athenians, the same upbringing which was abolished afterwards. Then we see a slow perishing of the Julian dynasty and the number of Romans is falling, after that emperors come from outside of Italy, because due to a lack of morals, upbringing and virtues one is incapable to rule – that is why democracy is in the end replaced by monarchy: there is only one single man left capable to rule.

The only city which has survived the ancient Greek collapse and inhabits the offspring of ancient continental Greece is Monemvasia.

It is always the same old boring story. How many years have passed since the second world war?


Imagine what happened to Rome. They have lost their population in quality and quantity. In the end there is Italy with cities, especially in the Northern part, which all descend from different people, those which do trade, like Florence and Venice descend from Germans, some other from the Celts, perhaps like Mailand, some other from Slaws, the other from Illyrians… and none of them can cooperate with each other, there is an eternal hate and war between them.

The North represents the Roman decay in quantity, and south in quality, where all people have black skin and hair, mostly as a product of interbreeding with negros etc.

And this is exactly what is happening in the US … future United Cities of America. And England too. France’s South is already Muslim.

Perhaps some of you think “well, I am not into debauchery, I can survive”, but life is not about not doing something…

We have two alliances after the second Persian war struggling for domination: the Athenian and the Peloponnesian league. It is just that NATO and the Eastern Pact have Cold wars, but could the outcome be the same like in Greece? Spartans were also conservatives but did not make it better than the Athenians.

Germany is now actually the same like Persia after the the second war/defeat, appearing only indirectly, through money.


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